Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Advance Cleaning

This is the kind of toothpaste that Lee likes and he can´t find it here in Panama. Our favorite thing to get from people is letters but if anyone feels like sending a little something with a letter you could get a bigger envelope and drop a tube of toothpaste in there and I know Lee would greatly appreciate it.


Kari said...

I can't comment on Lee's site for some reason, so I'll just let you pass the comments on. You know the picture that Lee has of that rusted old car with big tires from Elba? My coworker always makes the comment that she's going to buy her daughter that car for her next birthday, and her daughter just gets so mad. "That's the ugliest thing in the world! Do I look like a redneck to you?!"
Also, what's up with the video of "The Thing?" What is that?
Oh, and your kittens are just precious!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa and Lee,

Love the pictures and the website. Happy 28th birthday Lisa. Hope all is well and God bless!!


Trey and Stephanie said...

ok that is too funny, i bet you will end up with about 10 tubes of that toothpaste! maybe you shuold take pics of your favorite candy, and gift cards for local resturants! when i mean local, i mean within 5 hours from yall! I didnt get to comment on all the posts on the page, but i looked at them all, they were really cute. I guess it never occured to me that there were pet kitties in panama.. I know that sounds stupid but when i saw the picture i, they have kitties there! be safe..

Anonymous said...

Comment regarding Trey and Stephanie's comment--Maybe you could let us know what gift card for stores and restaurants you want to shop at and eat at while you are here so we can begin to get some and have them for you when you come for your visit.

Tony & Susan said...

there will be at least one in your next shipment. and some candy :) did you ever get your birthday box? love ya!

Tony and Susan said...

i just remembered that skippy jon jones was in your birthday box for lee. i really hope it eventually makes it there!