Thursday, February 14, 2008

Los Patos (the ducks)

These are our ducks. They do not know that they are our ducks yet because they keep running away and finding their way down to where they used to live but we hope that they will realize soon that they are our ducks.

Thanks so much to Nancy and John for thinking of everything, even the roof of our makeshift duck pen. Well, I think they intended it as a table cloth but it sure makes a good roof don´t you think? The children in the background are Sebastiana (Chana) and Feliciana (Chana). They are very good at catching ducks. It´s harder than you think...


Tony & Susan said...

welcome to the fam los patos (is one named los and the other patos?) hope you guys decide you want to stick around!
love you all ;)

Anonymous said...

We didn't know what all you would use some of the stuff for but figured it would come in handy at some time. Hope your duckies learn to like their house and enjoy the "roof". It looks like some of the roofs we saw in Prattville.
Love you - you stories are very interesting.