Friday, February 29, 2008


This is Señor Rosa stiring the pot of sugar cane juice to make raspaduras. They cook it for hours and then they pour it into a mold and let it dry. They usually make about 14 per batch. They use trapichas run by horses to press the sugar cane and get the juice out.


Kari said...

So, what exactly are raspaduras? You said how they make them and everything, but not what they are. Anyway, it is now officially less than a month until we travel down there. Start counting down the days! And don't be late to the airport!

Anonymous said...

What, Lisa late? Never!
This was a very interesting video. The more the merrier. It is so nice to be able to see things you are doing and your surroundings, even if we have to do it sideways. Not complaining - just exclaiming. Congratuslations on getting so much accomplished quickly. You two must be good.
I have an Easter box to send. Anything else needed we can send - besides more duck pen parts?
Love and many thanks for the update,
Nancy and John

Tony & Susan said...

is it a candy? if so, i expect some next visit! love ya