Saturday, March 1, 2008

The House

This is a video that Lee took of the house and the yard. The thatch-roof house is the kitchen and the other one is the bedroom/everything else. It is not a long video but it may make you motion sick. You will have to turn your head to the side at some point when the camera goes on its side.


Anonymous said...

Good work guys...your house look great..hope it is more confy than the houseshare you had before..
keep us up to date
Nick (from france)

Tony & Susan said...

cool! next time we want commentary! who was the cross for? love ya lots!

Anonymous said...

Loved seeing that! Miss you lots...hey, can you post your address on this blog? Maybe in your profile? And a list of things you like getting in the mail? (Was that enough requests for you?)

Kari said...

Hey! It was good hearing from you guys last night! I hope you enjoyed your movie, Lisa. I meant to tell Lee, but I forgot; there is a song out now on an apple laptop commercial called "New Soul" by Yael Naim. Check it out! It sounds like a song you guys might like. Anyway, it's only a little less than two weeks! I'm getting excited!