Tuesday, March 18, 2008

World Map

Lee and I visited another volunteer´s site in the province of Herrera to make a map of the world on the wall of her school. The first picture shows Maggie(the other volunteer) and Lee.
Herrera is very different from Cocle´. It is almost completely deforested so it is a lot hotter and drier. Almost everyone there has cows and horses. It actually looks and feels more like Alabama. The people are very friendly. There are a lot more tall people there. There gritas are different but I think I earned some respect for attempting to do it their way. We got to see cantadoros singing decimas with the mejorana. There are too many Spanish words in that sentence that need explanations. Let´s just say that we got to hear some awesome Panamanian music. After the cantadoros there was a band that played typico, cumbias, etc.


Anonymous said...

How did the world map get drawn?

Tony & Susan said...

i was totally thinking that about that sentence then i read what you wrote. it made me laugh!