Sunday, April 27, 2008

Chuleta! I forgot about the tide!

These are from a camp that we had. There were about 8 volunteers and somewhere around 30 kids. The first picture shows Lee on the hike back from the beach. The area in the background is where they dropped the Man vs. Wild guy when they filmed the Panamá mangrove episode. The second picture shows Lee pointing at John Wayne Island. Why do they call it John Wayne Island, you might ask. Well, it was John Wayne´s Island, that´s why. It is now owned by the John Wayne foundation or something like that. The third picture is an attempt to capture how treacherous the hike back was. My favorite quote from camp: Chuleta! I forgot about the tide! The kids were finishing up with lunch when Stephen said that. I guess the tide was about halfway up. We just had to scale a little higher and wade through some parts. It was an adventure. The kids were awesome. They never complained or got scared. I was a little scared but Stephen and a girl from his site hung back to help Lee and I bring up the rear.


Anonymous said...

Glad you all made it back safely. We have heard enough of Lisa having things happen to her. We don't need anymore wild adventures. Stay safe.
Love, Momma

Kari said...

LOL! Loved the Gatlin family disgust sound. It was great, spot on! Thanks for the update about our visit, and tell Chana I said hi!

Tony & Susan said...

i was sitting here watching diff'rent strokes on b.e.t. and reading your blog. (i've just been waiting to start a sentence with that! really, i forgot how great diff'rent strokes is). anyway, that's cool getting pictures of famous spots! glad you made it back despite the high tide! what does "chuleta" mean? is it a potty word? sorry i missed your call!! i tried to call you back but the calling card was messing up. call me the next chance you get! love you!

ps. i think we need a post on the kerosene incident!

Anonymous said...

¨chuleta¨ is the equivalent of ¨shoot,¨ or ¨dang.¨ it´s a substitute for another word. also when you say ¨chuleta¨ it is usually necessary to draw it out and also to snap your finger at the same time (but in a different way then we snap our fingers; i can´t explain this part very well).