Sunday, April 27, 2008

Kari, Antonio, y Carolina

The first picture was taken on the chiva. It wasn´t too scary was it? The second picture shows Kari in what is now known by the community as Kari´s hammock. I think some of them think she brought it from the States because it showed up the same day she did. Chana is on the left and another nice little girl who´s name escapes me is on the right. Chana asks about Kari just about every time we see her. She asks about Antonio and Carolina too.


Anonymous said...

That chiva wasn't the scary one. The one from Panama City to El Valle was the scary one. It was like riding a roller coaster as we when over the mountain. It really amazes me that there are no more accidents than what there are. The ride back out of El Valle was an adventure, too, as we rode in a fifteen passenger van with 24 other people (and a live chicken, too). It is something you have to experience in person. There are no words to really describe what it's like. Momma

Tony & Susan said...

kari told me about the kids that came every day to "see all the white people". that's cool! and i TOTALLY need a hammock! that is top on the list whenever we get a new house...nice back yard with a hammock in the shade. love you!