Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Jose´s Birthday

We went to a birthday party a couple of days ago. It was really nice. We got a group picture of all of the family and friends who were there. I am posting pictures of the food table and the birthday boy. They had arroz con pollo (rice with chicken) which is their special birthday, fiesta dish. This time they had cake. They have not had cake at most of the birthday parties we have been to in site but they are always happy occasions anyway. They also gave out a lot of candy and they made a sweet treat out of yuca (cassava). Jose´turned 3 on they dia de los reyes (day of the kings). That´s the day the 3 kings made it to Bethlehem to see Jesus. They start their nativity scenes with the kings far away and each day they move them closer until the day of the kings when they finally arrive. This may be kind of obvious but Jose´is spanish for Joseph. Jose´s mom has more children but the only other one whose name I can remember is Natividad. He was born on Christmas day. More on him later because he is a little character...


Nancy Albert said...

Nice birthday cake. Do they buy it or make it or have someone make it? Do they sing Happy Birthday? I like seeing the pictures. Send some of your new home.
Love you both
Nancy and John and Rocky.

neil said...

hey. the cake was bought. they do sing happy birthday, but the catch with this one was they wanted us to sing happy birthday, in english, and they said that they would "keep up." i wish i wish i wish i had a recording of this.