Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Here are some pictures of quincha day. Valerio taught us how to do it. You have to find the right dirt and pick out all of the rocks, dig your hole, add water, and then crumble the dirt up(as demonstrated by Lee above) and add it until it is the right consistency, while you are mixing it with your bare feet(as demonstrated by Valerio and them me!). Then you add in a certain type of grass and make brick like forms. Then you make your walls. Notice Lee working side by side with a Panamanian. Clemente is almost as tall as Lee when he stands on the bench. Clemente is the actual owner of the house and he has been so nice and helpful. His children and their spouses have helped a lot too. Sorry about the sideways picture. I still haven´t completely figured out what I am doing with this.

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Nancy and John said...

This is realy neat getting to se what you all do. It is interesting and informative. Keep 'um coming. Hope you will get in your new house soon. We would love to send a package but need to know what to send. Any suggestions?
Love you both, Nancy, John and Rocky