Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Our house

Since I am starting this after we are already 7 months into our Panama adventure I am going to try to catch up. We have lived in our community for 5 months now. For about the last 2 months we have been working on our house off and on. We were going to build a new one but we found a perfect location on an amazing lot and the family who owns it is very nice and was willing to help us repair the existing house. They say we can finish it in 2 days. We will probably spend one day on the adobe and one day finishing the shower and replacing some of the wood.

For now we are still with our 3rd host family in site, the Mendozas, and we are happy there. We have our own rancho and the family is very good to us and we have learned a lot from them. It will be nice to have a place of our own again though. We have started out compost up at the house but I can´t wait to get up there and start the garden, get a couple of laying hens (ponadoras), maybe a goat.

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