Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Packages and cards

Thanks to everyone who sent packages and cards. The most recent packages we got were from Susan, Tony, Claire, and Jonah, Lee´s Mom and Dad and Kari, and 2 from Mom and Dad. We got a lot of cards too. Lee says thanks to everyone who sent birthday cards. He got cards from his family, my family, Nancy, John, and Rocky, Susan, Tony, Jonah, and Claire, I hope we remembered all of them... We don´t have them with us right now because we got them last time we came out of site. Anyway, we really appreciate you guys thinking of us and we just wanted to let you know that the packages and cards made it here.


Nancy Albert said...

Hope Lee had a nice birhday. We haven't sent a package but would love to if we know what you need. We like suggestions (hint, hint(

Mama & Daddy said...

Glad you got the packages and cards okay. Hope ya'll could carry them back to your site okay! Hope Lee had a good birthday. How's your house coming? Hope ya'll can move in soon. Hel us know if you need anything.