Friday, January 25, 2008

The Shower

The first picture is our shower. We are going to put a shower curtain over the open space. We are connected to the aqueduct but we do not have a water heater. We also have 2 shower bags that hold about 4 gallons each(thanks to both sets of parents!). We will fill them up and put them on the roof of the shower and then after a few hours of sun we can take warm showers if we want to. Lee will probably use these everytime because he really misses warm water. I don´t mind though. I am usually hot from working or hiking when I shower anyway so the cool water is refreshing. It is kind of rough sometimes when I don´t get a chance to shower until after dark though. As evening sets in the wind usually picks up a little and it can get pretty cool sometimes. The yellow thing in the background of this picture is my semillero. I chopped up some bamboo (yes, with my machete) to make little walls and I have a mixture of ash, soil, and river sand in there. I am going to plant the seeds in it when we move up there. We now have the cement poured for the floor in there and the sink is installed too.
The second picture shows how they mix the cement. We bought the cement and brought it in. The pile of rocks came from where they tore the old school down. The bags are the sand we bought from the hardware store. They usually go down to the river and haul up bags of rock and sand but that is hard work so we figured we would save them a little trouble.


Mama & Daddy said...

Such progress! Can you get a hot water heater? Glad you could get the cement and get it hauled in. We love to watch the progress.
Mama & Daddy

Dave and Mandi said...

Wow Lisa! I really admire you and Lee. There needs to be more people in the world like you!

Tony & Susan said...

nice shower! and i'm sure the neighbors will appreciate the curtain ;)

love ya!

jonah and claire say hi!

Tony & Susan said...

oh, and rock on with the machete!